Cloud Services

Today, the Cloud is an exciting and inexpensive way to deliver a set of services that small businesses couldn’t afford yesterday. The Cloud is really hosting the service with a provider instead of hosting the service “on-premise”. There are a wide variety of Cloud offerings that could assist your organization by increasing your IT services, reducing costs of existing services, or improving your Disaster Recovery posture by greatly reducing the risk of an outage.
The Atteberry Group has worked with several cloud solutions and can assist you with navigating your way through the various offerings as well as help you with the implementation and conversion.
Below are a few of the Cloud offerings that can assist your organization.

Office 365 – Microsoft’s Online Email Service

Office 365 offers users the ability to host their email through Microsoft at a very reasonable cost.

Why should you consider this offering?

Exchange online through Office 365 provides the following benefits:

  • 1. 25GB mailbox per user (larger than most organizations can offer on-premise)
  • 2. Access email from any computer in the world without exposing your network
  • 3. Reduce SPAM by 99.99%
  • 4. Email does not go down if your location has a power failure
  • 5. Backups are maintained by Microsoft
  • 6. Easily configure Android and Apple devices to receive mail
  • 7. Eliminates the need for on-premise mail server and the associated overhead

Cloud Backups – Protect Your Data by Backing Up to the Cloud

Why should you consider this offering?

Backing up your corporate data is time consuming, resource intensive and expensive. To back up your data on-premises, you need software, hardware (usually tape drives and tapes), and someone to ensure that it is working every day. Restores take time because tapes have to be cataloged and the data found. Finally, you have to store the tapes off-site and to ensure that the tapes are properly stored, you have to pay a service.

Given all of that, your organization gains significantly by moving to Cloud Backups. With Cloud Backups, you install a small client on the devices to back up, choose the data to backup, and set the schedule. You are automatically notified of job status every night via email. You can even set the number of versions of a document that you want to keep to allow you to easily go back to an older version if needed. Recovery is a matter of logging into the service and choosing the file to restore. No more having to look for the right tape.

The Atteberry Group offers a cloud backup solution through its Data Guardian product. Please follow the link for more information.

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