Resolved: Regular Blog Posts in 2017

I was just looking at some interesting statistics that demonstrate that only 8% of those of that make resolutions for New Year’s actually succeed. However, it is worth noting that people that explicitly make resolutions are 10 time more likely to succeed over those that do not make explicit resolutions.

So – Starting in January, we will have regular blog posts at least every month. Look for our new blog starting next week. We are certain that the posts will be informative and we look forward to getting your feedback.


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With over 20 years of IT experience ranging from internal IT for mid-sized firms, to 10 years of consulting for large accounting and consulting firms, I have worked in hundreds of environments. What I realized is that I enjoy supporting small and mid-sized firms who can’t afford full time IT support at the level they really need. At The Atteberry Group, we will put our experience to work for you at a price that your organization can afford. There are many ways to do IT, but we have seen that the best way makes your business more efficient and does not increase your costs. Give us a call at 213.393.5060 and let us help make IT an asset and not a liability for your company.

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