Systems Patching Remains a Top Concern

Systems Patching Woes

Can’t keep up with system patching? – You are not alone.

Keeping systems up-to-date is a continuous challenge for firms of all sizes. This is particularly true of smaller firms that may have limited or no dedicated IT staff. These concerns are supported in the latest Shavlik 2015 Security Survey. The summary can be found here:Shavlik Summary

Here are the major takeaways:

• 86 per cent of respondents agree that Microsoft operating systems present the most consistent patching challenge to their organisations
• 41 per cent deem on-demand patching as a key pain point
• 58 per cent of respondents see Java as providing the biggest application patching worry
• 53 per cent of IT professionals expect to be more worried about system security one year from now

How we can help:

The Atteberry Group has the tools to support your entire organization and eliminate the head ache of patching. Our solution ensures that not only is Windows automatically patched on all of your workstations but as host of other key applications as well including Adobe, Java, Chrome, Firefox and iTunes. We monitor your servers and provide manual or automatic patching on a scheduled basis to ensure that you are kept up-to-date without causing downtime.

Updates are released constantly and you don’t have the time to manage it. Let us manage your systems for you and help you focus on your business.

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