Windows 10 Migration Anyone

In a recent article from Redmond Magazine,, the author laid out the theory that Windows 10 migrations would be a large part of IT work in 2016. But with support for Windows 7 running until January of 2020, I am not seeing a large number of Windows 10 migrations yet.

Gartner is predicting that 50% of enterprises will be migrating in 2017, which seems reasonable. By that time, several issues will be resolved and adoption can proceed.

The key to migrating to a new operating system remains your company’s needs. Here are several reasons to upgrade, but if your organization won’t benefit today, then waiting might make more sense.
• Simpler secure sign-on via Azure Active Directory
• Improved mobile device management (MDM)
• Greater control over updates
• Increased security

The Atteberry Group can help you assess your readiness and help you plan a migration strategy that focuses on your needs. Call us today at 213.393.5060 for a free consultation.

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