Why Security Patches are Important

Today is patch day for Microsoft. This time around, Microsoft is releasing four critical patches: one for Internet Explorer, one for Office, one for VBScript and one for Windows. All could allow a hacker to remotely execute code on your systems. There is also a patch to fix issues with Remote Desktop. Almost everyone is using remote desktop (often for server management) and this is a big deal.
As you can see, there are constantly evolving security threats and the only way to prevent a security incident (which is a nice way of saying someone hacked us and stole …) is to ensure that your systems are constantly up-to-date.
So, are your systems being patched? If you don’t know, or are losing sleep because you know your systems are not being kept up-to-date call The Atteberry Group at 213.393.5060 or email us info@atteberrygroup.com. For a complete list of our services, please visit our website at http://www.atteberrygroup.com

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